News from 21-Feb-2015 (KOL 3.23)
[-] Fix in KOL: WStrRScan code copied from StrRScan. Previous specific version was working incorrectly for case when a char were not found. VK
[-] Fix in WM_NCDESTROY to provide correct menu destroying (it was not correctly destroyed after destroying an owner window). VK
[*] Function ClipboardHasText improved eliminating unnecessary code. QAZ
[+] Method TBitmap.CopyToClipboard renamed to CopyToClipboardAsDIB, another CopyToClipboard added which uses CF_BITMAP format (smaller code). VK
News from 11-Sep-2014 (Unofficial KOL x64)
[+] Here is the link onto an unofficial KOL x64 version (based on KOL 3.22)

Tested with:

  • Delphi 4-XE7 (with a patch for XE7 in
  • Freepascal 2.6.4 compile to 32 bit
  • Freepascal 2.7.1 both 32 bit and 64 bit
  • Delphi XE2 both 32 bit and 64 bit
author: Dmitri K, merged by: Thaddy de Koning
News from 14-Jun-2014 (MCK 3.23)
[*] Fix in MCK 3.23: OnEndEditLVItem handler is not set (reset). VK
News from 15-Apr-2014 (KOL & MCK 3.22)
[*] some fixes in KOL for PAS_ONLY conditional symbol VK
[+] small fix for using TTrayIcon in Aston Shell VK
News from 23-Nov-2013 (KOL & MCK 3.21)
[*] some fixes in MCK, better support of Delphi 2010, XE, XE2. VK
[+] TKOLProject.AutoCreateForms property added (String, form names separated via ';'). If empty, dpr is generated as earlier. If any forms are listed here, only such forms are auto-created in MCK project. VK
[*] some fixes in KOL, better support of UNICODE_CTRLS. Asm version of SetCaption moved to and Pascal version of the method is used with UNICODE_CTRLS. VK
News from 11-Sep-2013 (KOL & MCK site)
[ ] KOL & MCK site is restoring now and will be back soon. Entire version history will not be placed now, some big applications will be removed, some compiled apps will be removed from archives. VK
News from 25-Jul-2013 (KOL & MCK v3.20)
[+] Property for MCK and function for KOL TControl added: CenterOnCurrentScreen (centers a form on a display where a mouse cursor is located). VK
[+] Function MainForm added (returns Applet.Children[0] or Applet itself if App button is not used). VK
[*] Changes in TTrayIcon: when assigning TRUE to the Active property, it is become TRUE only in case when the operation was successful. Also, a function ForceActive(sleeptime, timeout) added to do several attempts to assign TRUE to the Active. This can fix possible errors in activating tray icon when an application is started on system startup. AndreyRus, VK
[+] Function added: ShowMsgCentered to show message centered on a given form (or a control). VK
[+] Functions added: oem2char, char2ansi, SmartOem2CharRus (the last is only for Russian conversions cp866 -> cp1251 when lines of text are in different encoding and even may be was twice converted already). VK
[+] Functions added: ComputerName, UserName, ListUsers, IsUserAdmin. VK
[+] Function added: ForceSetForegroundWindow (following calls of SetForegroundWindow for any windows in system always work, but ForceSetForegroundWindow must be called when the application is foreground already). VK
[+] Function added: SendCommands2Wnd, which allows to send a lot of keys to a window very fast (at least works for up to 4K keys and may be more). VK
[+] Function added: ListMonitors, which returns an array of rectangles occupied by all the installed monitors. VK
[+] Function added: MonitorAt(X, Y) which returns a display rectangle for a monitor where given point is located. If failed to find a display at a position, returns main monitor rectangle. VK
[*] Small change in TImgShow: an image is drawn centered (this has effect in case when a size of TImgShow control is different then size of an ImageList from where an image shown). VK
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