News from 28-Jun-2010 (KOL & MCK v2.94)
[-] NEW_MODAL fixed (asm and pas) VK, MTsv DN
News from 3-Jun-2010 (KOL & MCK v2.93)
[+] Function WStrComp_NoCase, method TWStrList.IndexOf_NoCase are added (very slow, just for more compatibility with TKOLStrList). VK
[*] LogFileOutput: String->KOLString. VK
[-] TCanvas.TextOut fixed for UNICODE_CTRLS in asm_version. VK
[-] Typing shortcuts and special characters (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Enter, Escape etc.) fixed for memo in UNICODE_CTRLS. VK
[+] definitions are added for RT_RCDATA, RT_BITMAP, etc. - for UNICODE_CTRLS. VK
[-] MCK: Setting OnLVEndEditItem event no more required to provide automatic text accepting on the end of edit, but only for MCK. VK
[*] UNICODE_CTRLS: additional changes (mainly String -> KOLString) in a set of units: err.pas, KOLadd.pas, KOLDirDlgEx.pas, Lnk.pas, Animation.pas, KOLGif.pas, KOLPCX.pas, KOLTGA.pas. VK
News from 2-Jun-2010 (KOL & MCK v2.92)
[*] PXStrList, PXStrListEx types are removed, instead functions NewKOLStrList and NewKOLStrListEx are added to work with PKOLStrList and PKOLStrListEx.
RegKeyGetSubKeys, RegKeyGetValueNames, TIniFile.GetSectionNames, TIniFile.SectionData are redirected to use TKOLStrList.
[+] Function TCanvas.TextOut: String -> KOLString; Function TCanvas.TextOutA added (especially for AnsiString in UNICODE_CTRLS) VK
[-] Function StrComp_NoCase fixed, another optimized version of code provided for it and for StrLComp_NoCase. The previous (but fixed) version still available with SMALLER_CODE or SMALLEST_CODE symbol. VK
[-] Function TList.SetCapacity fixed for case of conditional symbol TLIST_FAST and a value > 256. VK
News from 29-May-2010 (KOL & MCK v2.91)
[-] For UNICODE_CTRLS, typing some Chinese characters provided for Memo and EditBox. VK, reported by zhoudi
[+] Function NewAlienPanel added, allowing creating a panel with any window in the system as a parent. VK
[*] A lot of code from moved back to KOL.pas - to simplify searching errors and behavior mismatching with pas version in asm version of the code. Asm version of TList.Add was disabled. VK
[*] Scrollbar behavior changed. Elder version still available with conditional symbol SCROLL_OLD. QAZ
[*] TStrList.Find behavior changed a bit: for case when not an exact string is found, index is returned negated. VK, mdw
[*] UNICODE_CTRLS: DateTime2StrShort, String -> KOLString. mdw
[*] Function ExePath changed and now returns path to the main executable even when called from DLL function.
Function ModulePath added which returns path to the module (for executable - its exe path, for DLL - its DLL path).
[*] UNICODE_CTRLS: Type definition TXStrList added to use it instead of TStrList or TWStrList depending on UNICODE_CTRLS symbol. VK
[-] FileSeek, parameter MoveTo: TStrmSize -> TStrmMove. QAZ
[+] Function WStr2File is added (for PWideChar parameter, rather then WideString). VK
[-] Functions File2WStr, WStrSaveToFile are fixed. zhoudi
[-] UNICODE_CTRL: Combobox control API bug fixed with inserting string constants as items. VK, QAZ,
[-] TControl.SetDateTime fixed for case of assigning time only and date = 0. VK
[-] TControl.REGetFont fixed. VK
[*] Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and for future versions), GetDesktopRect is redirected to GetWorkArea still under new Windows desktop window bounds become equal to window size and does not take into attention even Taskbar  panel. VK
[-] WndProcNotify asm version fixed (when themes was switched in Windows, application crashed). VK
[-] KOLMediaPlayer - compiling asm version fixed. VK
[*] KOLmath.pas: with symbol MATH_NOERR there are no error handling (for use some KOLmath unit functions which does not require error checking, to make code smaller in such case). VK
News from 27-Mar-2010 (KOL & MCK v2.90)
[-] For USE_NAMES, SetName fixed Hallif, VK
[*] TStrList, TStrListEx (also partially for TWStrList, TWStrListEx) methods IndexOf, IndexOf_NoCase, Find and Sort are improved, method FindFirst added VK, mdw
[-] Compatibility with Delphi2 and Delphi3 restored VK
Some additional changes to improve UNICODE_CTRLS: RemoveSpaces, AnsiCompareText, AnsiCompareStrA, _AnsiCompareStrA, AnsiCompareStrNoCaseA, _AnsiCompareStrNoCaseA, AnsiEq, CompareLVColumns  
[-] Reference to uxtheme changed to uxtheme.dll. MTsv DN
[-] Fixes in a declaration (for STREAM_COMPAT symbol defined) of SeekMemStream, SetSizeMemStream, ReadMemStream, WriteMemStream, WriteExMemoryStream. Hallif
[-] A fix in WndProcToolbarCtrl for Win98 MTsv DN
[+] TIcon.LoadFromXXXX can now handle 16 pits per pixel icons (used in WinCE) mdw
[+] ASM version for WinVer provided


In mirror.pas and mckCtrls.pas, TDelphiString type is introduced and {$IFDEF _D2009orHigher} are removed to make it possible to use Code Completion. VK
[-] TAction.LinkMenuItem fixed for dynamic menus mdw
[*] In WndProc_LVCustomDraw, no more Canvas is creating. mdw
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