News from 7-Feb-2011 (KOL & MCK v3.09)
[-] Creating radio box word wrapped fixed with MakeWordWrap. VK
[*] TControl.SetRadioChecked, ClickRadio changed. VK
News from 5-Feb-2011 (KOL & MCK v3.08)
[-] fCurrentControl field moved to the common part of the DF structure of TControl and is not belonging to the form only. This fixes working with accelerators when a combo box is used on a form (at least, and may be other things) still ithis field can be used in any control, not only in a form. VK
[-] TStrList.Sort fixed for case of empty list (asm-version). VK, Dufa
[-] KOLAdd: a fix when compiling without symbol DIRCHG_ONEXECUTE. VK
News from 30-Jan-2011 (KOL & MCK v3.07)
[-] TCanvas fixed: if the Canvas was created using NewCanvas on a base of the existing DC there were problems with releasing DC which actually should not belong to the Canvas in that case. VK
[+] TControl.MakeWordWrap works now also for checkboxes and radioboxes. VK
[+] KOLAdd: TDirChange.OnExecute event added (only with a symbol DIRCHG_ONEXECUTE). It allows to add some code which works in its thread context at startup. VK
[-] KOLAdd: TDirChange - possible deadlock fixed on the application terminate. VK
[-] KOLAdd: ShowQuestion / ShowQuestionEx: buttons were not fit the window in the Aero theme. Fixed by moving from Width to ClientWidth. VK
[-] KOLDirDlgEx: OnMouseDblClick was not working for all cases (options), so it was not possible to select leaf directory with the double click. VK
[-] KOLDirDlgEx: removing links in the left panel implemented now with right mouse click on a link. VK
[+] KOLDirDlgEx: rescanning node added on a node selection. VK
[*] TStrList.IndexOfName_old renamed back to IndexOfName, new version IndexOfName renamed to IndexOfName_NoCase. VK
[+] With new option FIX_ITALIC_TEXT_WIDTH, 1/4 of text height is added to the TextWidth when calculating it for Italic text. VK
[+] New application made with KOL Column Commander v0.2c added in the applications section (230Kbytes compressed) . VK
News from 21-Jan-2011 (KOL & MCK v3.06)
[-] For Tab Control, setting Color and getting item rectangle fixed. VK
[*] With option FILE_EXISTS_EX, checking if file exists is done in FileExists function silently (no UI error messages for a floppy disk). VK
[*] For NewThreadAutoFree, CloseHandle is provided on thread exit. VK
[-] Fixed: Visible property did not work in OnShow event of the form. VK
News from 10-Jan-2011 (KOL & MCK v3.05)
[+] Methods added: Swap & Sort for WStrListEx, to sort taking into account that objects are attached to lines of the list. VK
[*] TControl.Delete is applicable now to list view (earlier LVDelete had to be used) VK
[+] TDirList.InsertItem - added to allow inserting new items into desired position. VK
[-] Fixed: selecting text programmatically in memo and edit box. VK
[-] Fixed: fast version of AnsiCompareStrNoCase. VK
[-] Fixed: property RE_URL for rich edit (1 character was returning only). VK
[-] Fixed: default form positioning (asm version) VK
[-] Fixed: rich edit text colorization. VK
[-]KOLadd Fixed: TBits - setting bit out of array size did not change Count. VK
News from 31-Dec-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.04)

Attention: in version 3.04 declaration of TMsg type was changed so events OnMessage (assigned earlier) becomes not compatible with new TMsg declaration. To fix this it is sufficient to replace tagMsg in your source code onto TMsg. In MCK projects, such changes should be done automatically.

[+] Record type TMsg redeclared, decoding message code with symbolic message names (via enumerated constant type). VK
[+] TImageList: prperty OverlayIdx added simplifying overlays usage. VK
[+] TControl (toolbar): function TBBtnEvent added. VK
[+] TControl (toolbar): function TBBtnTooltip added. VK
[+] TControl (form): function CenterOnForm added (for forms only). VK
[*] TDirList: some code size optimizations. VK
[-] TControl (USE_MH_TOOLTIP): app crash fixed on dynamic control destroying. VK
[*] TControl (DefaultBtn, CancelBtn): small code size optimizations. VK
[*] Also some internal fields are renamed (fOnChange -> fOnChangeCtl, fOnGTChange, fOnChangeCanvas). VK
[-] TControl (ImageShow): assignment of initial CurIndex fixed. VK
[+] DirDlgEx (KOLadd): centering of a dialog ShowQuestion provided on an active application form. VK
News from 17-Dec-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.03)

For about two last months the constant work was making under the bugs and incompatibilities issued by the serious refactoring of some basic KOL structures (which became necessary to make TControl object instances less memory consuming). For now, the main work is finished mainly. You can use new KOL/MCK versions without compatibility options, returning all (or almost all) to version 2.94++. If problems occur please write on the Russian forum or e-mail (don't forget about subject: big letters KOL can help me see filter your mail). Reported bugs (if bugs) will be fixing as soon as possible. Note: using new options can require modifications in some KOL/MCK components, especially in visual ones. It is desirable that such changes were done by their authors or programmers using such components actively. I agree to consult in complex cases and to publish renewed versions of components on the KOL/MCK site.

[-] Fixed: compilation with property FormCompact=true (MCK). Note: using this property has a sense only for very large forms. Fixing it is not aimed as primary. VK
[-] Fixed: tabulating between controls (asm-version), function NewWindowed. VK
[-] Also, in version 3.02: important fix for RichEdit. Without such fix, correct working could be achieved using compatibility option  STATIC_RICHEDIT_DATA (conditional symbol definition). VK
[*] Also, in version 3.01: an option was added to turn off image resource compression in MCK components (TKOLImageList, TKOLButton, etc.) VK
[-] Also, in version 3.00.Z7: firing OnChar event was fixed for UNICODE_CTRLS, and also TBitmap.RLESaveTo... for pf4bit format. VK, Jon
News from 10-Oct-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.00.E, F)
[-] Fixed: compiling with UNICODE_CTRLS VK
[-] Fixed: Clear for some controls (asm-version) VK
[*] New version of KOLMHTooltip provided VK
News from 9-Oct-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.00.D)
[-] Fixed: sorting order in TStrList. VK
[-] Fixed: compatibility with D2009/D2010 VK
News from 7-Oct-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.00.C)
[-] Fixed: crash with COMMANDACTIONS_OBJ on the second TControl destroy after destroying all the controls of the same kind and creating it again. VK
[-] Fixed: MCK code generation for FormCompact = TRUE. VK
[-] Compatibility provided with the new KOL version for ActiveKOL, KOLDirDialogEx (in the KOLadd archive). VK
News from 6-Oct-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.00.B)
[-] Fixed: code was not compiled with NOT_USE_RICHEDIT turned on VK
[-] Fixed: aligning did not work in case of negative MarginXXXX. VK
[-] MCK fixed: events were not generated for TKOLApplet VK
[-] MCK fixed: when a projects was loaded containing TabControl created with earlier versions of MCK it became corrupted. Now a semi-automatic conversion is provided allowing migrating elder TabControls.  
News from 3-Oct-2010 (KOL & MCK v3.00)
[*] A lot of changes to provide lower (about 1/5) memory usage for TControl object. Conditional symbols USE_OLD_FLAGS, EVENTS_STATIC, NIL_EVENTS, COMMANDACTIONS_RECORD allow partially return to the previous functionality. Anyway this almost not affects size of the application. VK
[-] TLIST_FAST fixed for case of more then 32768 items. VK
[+] MCK: TKOLForm property FormCompact added. It generates form creation code by another way, which can produce smaller code in case of very big number of controls on the form. VK
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