EmuZWin v2.7 release 2.8

(ะก) by Vladimir Kladov, 2003-2006

I represent my ZX-Spectrum 128 and 48 emulator for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2K / XP / Longhorn on IBM PC Pentium-I, II, III, IV and compatible.

Download the most fresh version via following link: EmuZWin.zip .Size of the archive (v2.7) is about 1Mbyte. Additionally, it is possible to download archive, containing plug-in sources, documentation on plug-in creation etc. at: zx/EmuZWin_Addons.zip

If you wish, you can download previous versions too:
v2.6: EmuZWin26.zip      961K
v2.5: EmuZWin25.zip      700K
v2.4: EmuZWin24.zip      585K
v2.3: EmuZWin23.zip      463K
v2.2: EmuZWin22.zip      349K
v2.1: EmuZWin21.zip      286K
v2.0: EmuZWin20.zip      265K

At this time EmuZWin is one of the fastest and correct among other windowed emulators. Its main features are:



  1. Select a directory of your choice (or create new one), e.g. C:\Games\EmuzWin\ and unpack there ALL THE FILES from the archive provided. Do not launch it directly from a ZIP-archive - most archivers (except WinRAR though) do not support extracting all the files when something is launched from it, so it could do some things.
  2. If some file(s) can not be replaced, restart Windows (or re-login, but in some cases this possible can not help, e.g. in XP) and try again.
  3. That is all. Just run EmuZWin.exe and enjoy :-) If you want you can create a shortcut to the exe somewhere (e.g. on desktop or in Start menu) using common technique: e.g. dragging the executable with right mouse button pressed to the destination.
  4. If you wish you can download LensKey.exe utility by Simon Owen (small but great) from the author's Web-site ( http://homepage.ntlworld.com/simon.owen/lenskey ) and put it to a directory where EmuZWin installed, this will enable menu item Tools|Lens Key which runs this utility.


EmuzWin can be started e.g. from MS-DOS console using following command-line:

>EmuZWin.exe [option...] [filename]

Options available are:

/SOUND8 Force 8 bit per sample for Direct-X sound. Options configured applied therefore first.
/FAST Ignore "slow machine" reporting from OS. Has no effect in most.
/NOMMTIMER Has effect in synchronization. Not recommended.
/LOGFRAMES For debug purposes only. You should not use it.
/ROM=path Load ROM from certain directory or file when available. (Starting from version 2.6, this key used only as a hint to the emulator where to search ROM if it is not found at the path set in the Configuration, or when the emulator starts the first time).
/FULLSCREEN Start in full-screen.
/PAUSED Start paused (ignore registry settings).
/ESCEXIT Exit the emulator when ESCAPE pressed.
/INI[=path\[filename]] Use ini-file (rather then registry) to load/save configuration. If Path not specified, EmuZWin.ini from startup directory used. If Filename in Path not specified, EmuZWin.ini in specified directory is used.


There were not planned in 2.1, but possibly in 2.2/2.3/2.4:

What is not planning at all:

See changes history HERE.


mailto: vk@kolmck.000webhostapp.com

See also other my ZX-Spectrum 128K/48K emulators for DOS:

EMUZ, 1995. Written in C--. Source found recently (2003) and published too.

Z.com, 2003, written in assembler. Minimal by size (6K) but exact emulator (and playable) Spectrum-128K and 48K emulator. Published with source code.