The KOL author sincerely gratitudes to all, who by any way take a part in this project. It is probably, that these people are the main reason, why KOL exists and is yet developing. First of all, I would like to express my appreciations to my wife Irina - for her moral support and for everyday comfort conditions, which are, certainly very important while working under the project.
   My thanks to all, who took part in KOL Web Page development: to Nisses Insane, who created news subscription, to Erik Nordlund, who made the first KOL Forum, to Denis, who suggested an idea of new Web page design view (now - in 2004 - it is totally remade). Thanks to all, who give advices on page organization, hosting, etc.
   The are no doubts, I should thanks a lot (and I do this with a pleasure) to my collegue - Bokovikov Alexander, who is developing his own ACL library. Some ideas was gathered from his work (and I hope, that some my ideas was useful for him too in his project).
   Since KOL grow out of my previous work, XCL library (1998-1999), and the most of code came from XCL without too many changes, I can not leave out without thanks all people, who take part in XCL project. Above all, these are Carlo Kok, Tim Slusher, Sergey Kachalov, Pavel aka "Portos", Y.X.B., Aleks S., Hans Lоvhaga, Alex Torgashin (sorry, if I missed somebody here, but better email me to remind me).
   Thanks a lot to all, who by their suggestions, remarks, bug reports, additional code and other matherials, advices and so on helped (and help now) in developing the KOL library. These are: Vladimir Potapov, Yuri Sidorov, Vyacheslav A. Gavrik aka slag, Valeriy Pakhomov, Thaddy de Koning, Sergey Shisminzev, RickB, radio, Peter Tuente, Lutischan Ferenc, LasTNighT, Jean-Marie Delbary, Basil Matveev, BaRoN!, Alexey Popov, Alexander Volok, Alexander Shakhaylo, Alex W. Lulin.

   In January, 2003 (when visitors counter reached 100K), following names are added: Alexander Bartov, Andrey Chebanov, Alexei Dragoner, Alex Mokrov, Alexander Egorov, Alex Pravdin, Alex Schuvalov, Andrzej Kubaszek, Boguslaw Brandys, CrazyAngel, Danil, Dirk Paehl, Dmitry Alexeyko, Dmitry Ignatyev, Dmitry Matveev, Dmitry Zharov aka Gandalf, Dod, ECM, Edward Aretino, Fabio Chelly, Howard Flank, Igor Popoff, Jean-Marie Delbary, Martin Larsen, Michail Beschetnov, Mike Gerasimov, Mike Sevbo, Oleg Trubin, Riccardo Tesio, Riton, Roman Vorobets, Sebastian Franz, Sergey V. Gershovich, Stanislaw Matushevsky, The Delphi Inspiration, Vadim Petrov, Valerian Luft, Vasyly Pyvko, Vladimir Brezhnev, Vladimir Piven, Vyacheslav Plisko, Yury Sidorov.
Special thanks also to Gennady Lebedev and Boris Morenko for creating and supporting Russian Forum and to Nisses Insane for creating e-mail-lists "kol" and "kol-bin".

   To the 2004 number of helpers extended so wide, that I risk do not list all of them, but list only mark specially those people who bring the most important things to the KOL this year: Dmitry Zharov aka Gandalf, Yury Sidorov, Alexander Pravdin, Thaddy de Koning, Brdo, Dmitry aka Dimaxx, miek, Vladimir Piven, Boguslaw Brandys, Vlad aka Freeman, Andrzej Kubaszek, Alexander Bartov, Belchonok, Alexey Babenko, Mike Gerasimov.

   To the 2006 a lot of people are not only using KOL library, but help a lot in developing and WEB site support. I must first remember  ECM  who helped a lot to KOL community and was the most active answerer on the KOL Russian forum.
    My great thanks to Thaddy de Koning, contributed for this site. Also, I should tender special thanks to MTsDN, who help constantly with publishing new versions of KOL & MCK Web-site. And once again, to MrBrdo as to the most valuable beta-tester for last year.

I hope, this list of sympathizers will be increased in future too.


Copyright (C) 1999-2006 by Vladimir Kladov