KOL - Key Objects Library is a set of objects to develop power (but small) 32 bit Windows GUI applications using Delphi/Free Pascal but without VCL. It is distributed free of charge, with source code.
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This page earlier was known to be placed at address At this time this address is busy and the KOL author has no any relation to an information located there.
    It is possible to download the actual version of the KOL/MCK also at the page (if the reference is not working, use a search on sourceforge projects trying keywords:
kolmck, key objects library, kol).

Brief description
   Delphi2 - Delphi7, Borland Developer Studio 2005-2012, Turbo-Delphi, Kylix and Free Pascal Compiler 1.0.5 and higher are supported now. KOL allows to create very compact Windows32 GUI applications (starting from ~11K without compression - if suggested system units replacement used). The most of code is converted to built-in assembler.
   A help generating tool xHelpGen is provided for KOL, which creates detailed documentation in html format. Documentation is generated on base of comments from the source, so developers instantly have access to the most fresh and complete documentation.
   A package MCK (Mirror Classes Kit) provided with KOL, and all the advantages of visual programming are available for Delphi developers who use KOL (MCK supports Delphi versions supported from 2 to 7).


The safe and simple algorithmic language with a relaiable memory allocation model which need not in garbage collection. Source code can be translated to any modern programming language (Delphi, C#, C++), applications created with AL-IV natively use one or more correspondent frameworks (e.g., for Delphi both KOL and VCL are supported, in case of KOL minimal size of an application is 10Kbytes). Applications written once can be launched in different OS (Windows - from NT/98 to 10, Linux, Android, MAC, iOS, etc.)

Here you can find AL-IV language description.


KOL Repository

Important information
    Developing the KOL is stopped in 2015, modifications are minimized, and new version will appear very rare. KOL - is a tool to develop Win32 applications using 32 bit Delphi version or Free Pascal.
   At this time the KOL
(including GUI-development and OpenGL support) is concerned as one of target platforms in a project of a multi-platform programming language AL-IV (ALFOUR).

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