KOL Help generating tools
Nobody like to write help, and me too. These tool utilities let me to avoid re-writing help about KOL with each varsion release. Just run it, and you always will have most fresh help about KOL objects, functions, types etc. in html format.


Original version of KOL Help generator.


This version of KOL Help generator is created on base of the original one by Alexander Bartov. The main difference is that entries are created only for properties introduced in the object itself, but inherited.
MCK Help
This is an old and outdated MCK Help. It could be much more useful if a tool could be created to generate it on base of comments like it is done for KOL Help generator above. May be, you can do such work?
MCK Help


Professional MCK and KOL help, can be fully integrated into Delphi help system, so F1 and Ctrl+F1 keys become available in Object Inspector, Form Designer and IDE Editor.
KOL book


Book about KOL in Russian in MS Word format, version1.5 (190 pages). Still not finished, I'm working under it constantly.
KOL articles
 Articles of different authors about KOL are represented here. If You have an interest in, and a little of literature talent, write me, and I'll add your work here. The single requirement is: subject should be KOL or one of its extensions (e.g., MCK). You can share your experience with beginners in KOL, tell your opinions (including negative), give detailed wishes etc. Attention! Reprint of articles without permission of its authors is not allowed. To publish these matherials in electrinic or printed version on your site or anywhere else please contact first the author of the article.
Why not so (ideologic KOL FAQ). 13 Sep 2000. By Vladimir Kladov (Language: Russian)
Using the KOL library. Lesson 1: An Introduction. 7 Feb 2001. By Thaddy de Koning.
KOL - code-economy object library. 1 Sep 2001. By Vladimir Kladov (translation from Russian)
Better components writing for KOL and MCK. 20 Oct 2002. By Vladimir Kladov.
Creating visual components for KOL. (Language: Russian). Author: (с) 2003 Yuri Sidorov

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