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The application to view graphic files.


The main difference from the most of such applications: the main view mode is in form of a collage of big thumbnails, which are combined automatically and are built as a long vertical line. There also a couple of other modes (same sized thumbnails and text only).


A lot of image formats are supported, but the set is different for different target platforms and implementation frameworks. E.g., bmp is not supported on the Android, the tiff is supporting now only in .Net/Windows etc. But animated gifs are supported everywhere (still the code was ported from the KOL library where it was ported in due time from the RxLib and other sources).


Number 6, still the previous 5 versions were made using KOL. After porting to the AL-IV some additional functions also were implemented. Such as, working with images from the clipboard, and auto-saving images copied e.g. using Print-Screen/ Alt-PrintScreen or other ways. And sorting images/ moving it to other directories/ deleting. Other functions will be (may be, if time will allow) ported later, such as printing. Though, with going to paperless processes, this not seems very important. It would be more useful to make the application more smooth moving images loading to background threads.


OS supported: Windows, Linux, Android.

Language of development: AL-IV.


Stage: Stable.

Download (November 6, 2023, version Vernissage 1.1):

Download full version compiled for .Net . (.Net is required to run) Additionally: WEPB format is supported.

Download full version compiled in Delphi/VCL .

Download full version compiled in Delphi/KOL . Additionally: PSD format is supported.

Download full version compiled in Free Pascal (Windows) . Additionally: WEPB, PSD formats are supported.


Source code of a restricted version is available in the AL-IV distributive (but view in collage mode only, without additional functionality). Linux version is not available now.



(C) by Vladimir Kladov, 2020-2023.