Demo :  Galaxy evolution


Small demo representing a galaxy evolution.


This demonstration can seem to people all its life having deal with
Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology and other serious sciences, radical
pseudoscientific. In such case, look at it just as to a demonstration the way
how to program in the AL-IV graphical applications using OpenGL library.

In this demonstration each quad representing a portion of light emitted from
the center of the galaxy is always moving over a straight line. Some quads are
recolored to white to prove that. So the are no any mystics: spiral shape of a
galaxy light is easy provided with the way suggested.

Though the mechanism how two-sided rays are produced can seem fantastic. And
even more strange the mechanism of forming a bridge can seem, which require
time slowing while black holes are colliding.

But therefore all these hypotheses at least followed from the known and proved
theories, and do not use absolutely fantasy things like "dark matter" or "dark
energy". If you can remember, the "dark matter" was issued in attempts to explain
solid-state rotating of galaxies. But, this solid-state was the result of measuring
red shifts in spiral branches of galaxies. Supposing that these branches light
was produced by stars! But this, obviously not correct: stars just can not
group into spirals while moving on its orbits over the galaxies hundreds of
million years. Its total moves must be treated as chaotic, that is obvious.

So, spirals are just produced by the central massive objects and enlighting the
galaxy. So measuring such light red shift, we just measure the same red shift.
Now we can move to the point where the were no any "dark matter" and re-start
our investigations from scratch. Thank You.

Vladimir Kladov, 2022.


Download compiled version from the SourceForge.

Source code is available in the AL-IV distributive.



(C) by Vladimir Kladov, 2022.