Reader / listener tool:    Draft Notes


This tool allows to listen online lectures and add notes to screenshots made from part of screen, joining them with lines and arrows. Such synopsises can be viewed later and edited with the same application, not necessary screens can be recycled to trash. Each original screen is saved always, and its noted versions are saved with adding _n, _n_n etc. to its names. Saving as jpeg, gif or png is supported (but not for all platforms, e.g. Delphi/VCL does not support gif/png).


The picture bottom demonstrating main features of the Draft Notes was originally created using the tool itself.


OS supported: Windows, Linux, Android.

Language of development: AL-IV.


Stage: Stable release. v 2.0, May, 1, 2023.



Download sources from the SourceForge.

Download compiled binaries from the SourceForge.




(C) by Vladimir Kladov, 2020.