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Color Commander:    Description


Color Commander - is a file manager with tabs. The main idea is that for people with normal vision, color is the one of the most information sources. And for people with some eye problems (except the color blindness) and older age, the color becomes is even more important source for information.


OS supported:



Android (in future).


Language of development: AL-IV.


Stage: BETA. If you have not backups configured, it is better not experiment, with important files. Any time something could be wrong. I predicted you!

Download (05/18/2022):

Download version 0.48 compiled for .Net. (Requires .Net installed to run)

Download version 0.48 compiled in Delphi/VCL.

Download version 0.48 compiled in Delphi/KOL.

Download version 0.48 compiled in Free Pascal (Windows).

Download version 0.46 compiled in Free Pascal (Linux, x64).


Source code are not available for now.



(C) by Vladimir Kladov, 2021.